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Book Bundle- Save 20% When You Bundle Live Abundantly and Choose Happy: Be This, Not That

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Get both inspiring books and save 20% on the already discounted price.

Live Abundantly is written by over 100 thought leaders, and each one had something empowering, inspiring or educational to say. Including me- (I'm chapter 42, and not to be too braggy or anything, but my chapter is AWESOME!) 

Live Abundantly makes a good coffee table book to just read one short inspiring, motivational article at a time.

AND, when you get this bundle, you also get Choose Happy: Be This, Not That. Both paperbacks, both mailed to your house.

Choose Happy is a handy reference and coaching resource for anyone who is ready to increase their happiness, strengthen their relationships, and achieve their dreams.

You can read about each book when you click on each one, individually. And this is a sweet bundle that gives you 20% off when you get both.

They are both books that you can pick up and just read a couple of pages at a time and get something valuable each time.

No coupon code is needed- the savings happen automatically

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