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Live Abundantly: Top Thought Leaders Share Their Secrets For Living And Extraordinary Life

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This book contains simple, yet powerful, strategies for taking your business to higher performing levels. My goal with this book is to inspire and empower you to BE MORE, DO MORE and ACHIEVE MORE!

Some strategies will be new, while others will be a reminder.

Some strategies will be easy to implement, while others may take extra effort. Some strategies will comfort you while others will challenge your old paradigm. One thing is for certain. These strategies will inspire you to think and act differently.

This book will make a positive difference in your life!

Kevin Harrington (of Shark Tank) said this about Live Abundantly:

"THERE'S NOTHING SPECIAL about reaching your potential.

Anyone can reach their potential by simply waking up each morning and going through a normal routine. You can only achieve true greatness when you strive to exceed your potential.

This book provides unique perspectives from thought leaders of many different backgrounds. That's important because a key for reaching your greatness is learning from different people, then taking what you learn and formulating a plan for how to implement the ideas and strategies into your own personal and professional life.

In this idea-packed book, you will learn tips, ideas and strategies that will empower you to strive for greatness so you can achieve extraordinary results!

This book will help you to

Live Abundantly!

Congratulations on embarking on this new success journey! I wish you nothing but success and happiness!"

-Kevin Harrington, Original Shark on the Hit TV Show, "Shark Tank" - Inventor of the Infomercial ($5 Billion in Sales on TV)

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