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Choose Happy: Be This, Not That: Increase Your Happiness, Strengthen Your Relationships, Achieve Your Dreams paperback book

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Choose Happy: Be This, Not That is a side-by-side comparison reference for choosing happy, not avoiding it. People actually inadvertently avoid happy without even realizing it. This book will increase awareness of what leads to happiness, so you can do more of that, and what leads away from happiness, so you can do less of that. 

The book is in short, bite-sized pieces- (literally bullet points), so you can use this as a handy reference. It's a quick read, perfect for teens, university students, young parents, middle-aged adults and empty nesters. It's for anyone who wants to be more happy in their life. Put the "Be This" traits into practice and avoid the "Not This" traits to increase your happiness, strengthen your relationships and achieve your dreams.

Each section has a positive and a negative trait, compared side by side, implementation tips, quotes and affirmations to help you reprogram your brain, change your behavior and become more of what you want and less of what you don't want. It's easy to start using these transformational principles in your life right away. And since it's so short, you can just read a page or two or three to get some powerful principles to take with you.  And refer back as often as needed. The book is a great resource to just read on the topic you need most at that time.

Choose Happy: Be This, Not That empowers readers to make choices that will create more long-term happiness and eliminate the feelings you would rather put behind you. Things like resentment, victimhood, enviousness, and behaviors that create a negative impact on important relationships, could become easier to move beyond using the coaching in this book. You can move past being stuck, unhappy, and expecting someone to make you feel better. You can take back your power to make yourself happy. This book shows you how.

The teachings in this book are like what a life coach would tell you if they were with you all the time to help you make decisions in your life. I call it the coach in your pocket. With Choose Happy: Be This, Not That in your tool kit, it's like having a life coach in your pocket, whispering what to do if you want to be happier. These teachings are powerful and life-changing in your situation. 

Wouldn't you like to have a life coach "in your pocket" helping you make the wisest decisions in any situation? It's almost like a shoulder angel just for you. Get Choose Happy: Be This, Not That, and let Jennifer "The Coach In Your Pocket" Hughes empower you to increase your happiness, strengthen your relationships and achieve your dreams.

Click add to cart and start becoming the best version of yourself by choosing happy today. 

Makes a great graduation gift, wedding gift, coffee table book, bathroom book, and gift. It's also the kind of book you will want on your shelf to refer back to often.  Choose Happy! Get yours now!

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